Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich


I ended up only using 22 slices, which is about a pound and a quarter of bacon. I chose the low-sodium variety for its health benefits.

My trusty skillet was brought out for this event and the cooking began:

After much cooking and draining, the slices looked like this:

Extreme care was taken in the creation of this sandwich, starting with a strong foundation which could bear the load of the delicious bacon. After consulting with local architects, the sandwich was carefully constructed:

Luckily the top stayed on and didn't compromise the structural integrity of The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich:

The delightful aroma was enough to throw off the auto-focus on my camera:

Halfway through, disaster strikes! There appears to be a breach of the main hull! I feared I was losing her!

Luckily there was plenty of bread left; the reconstruction efforts quickly began:

The bread graft was successful and held up until the very end:

I feel slightly light headed and have had about 6 glasses of water after finishing the sandwich. This is something I don't think I'll ever try again.
This is a BACON sandwich, don't ask why there's no lettuce/tomato/egg/cheese/mayo/anything other than bacon on it.

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